Our staff provides expertise in treating a wide variety of mental health concerns. Frequently people are aware of a very specific issue they wish to discuss and problems they wish to resolve. At other times it initially may be difficult for an individual, family or couple to identify the exact cause of their distress. In these situations we can work with you to develop a better understanding of what may be impacting you negatively and determine how to best address these concerns. There are many reasons why people seek help from mental health professionals, these include:

Emotional Issues
Anxiety / Phobia / Panic
Coping with Health Issues or Chronic Pain
Life Transitions
Loss or Grief
Mood Disorders (Depression or Bipolar)
Self Esteem
Sexual Abuse or Assault
Social Anxiety
Suicidal Thoughts
Trauma and PTSD
Women’s Issues

Behavioral Concerns
Anger Management
Eating Disorders
Focus / Planning / Organization
Making Changes in Health Behavior
Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Sleep Difficulties or Insomnia
Substance Abuse and Relapse Prevention
Weight and Overeating

Relationship Difficulties
Couples Counseling
Effects of Infertility & Infertility Treatment
Family Conflict
Interpersonal Skills
Parenting Issues
Peer Relationships
Relationships in the Workplace
Role of Caretaker (ill or elderly family members)
Separation and Divorce